Buying on LoveBrocante

Placing an order is easy, here you can obtain some information on the process:

Placing an Order

When you have placed an order and paid for the specific item an official notification will be sent instantly to the independent seller. They will contact you with delivery information. If it is a bulky or valuable item, they may provide a tracking number for you. Each seller has their own delivery terms, so please ensure to review these before purchasing an item.

Messaging & Updates

We retain our own in-built messaging system, so make sure to check your account inbox via the ‘Dashboard’ for updates from the seller. If you have been provided with a tracking number, the seller would have most likely given your email address to the courier, so make sure to check your email provider for updates. 

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are accurately calculated at checkout but will also be viewable on the product page. Shipping prices typically vary depending on where the item is being sent from and dispatched to, so please be aware of additional costs.